FAQs - USB Flash Drives

  • After the installation is complete, why can’t I find the USB device correctly?
    Check USB Controller option in BIOS, make sure it is “Enable”. The USB device should show up under "My Computer". Also, when using Windows 98, make sure you have correctly installed the drivers.
  • Is my Attaché plug and play compatible in Windows 98/98SE?
    No. You must first install the drivers before you plug the Attaché into the USB port. If you’ve plugged the Attaché in prior to installing the drivers, simply remove this device through the Add/Remove Hardware portion of the Control Panel and start over again.
  • My Mac OS 8.6 cannot detect my device, what can I do ?
    Your Attache is driverless in Mac OS 8.6 but you need to make sure that you have the very latest version of OS 8.6, as well as having USB support version 1.3.5 or later.
  • My Windows ME / 2000 / XP cannot detect my device, what can I do ?
    Since there is no driver required for these operating systems, the device uses the built-in driver (USB Mass Storage Class Driver) from these operating systems. If your operating system cannot find the device, then it is possible that the built-in driver files were missing or corrupted; please try to recover these files from other computer or from the original Windows operating system CD. You should also verify you system OS has the most up-to-date service packs. Should you still having problem, please try removing and re-installing the device though Device Manager or contact our technical support center.
  • My Windows 98 cannot detect my device, what can I do ?
    Make sure you have installed the device driver for your device. If you have already done so, but Windows still cannot detect your device, please try the following : (1) Go to "Safe Mode" => "Device Manager" (2) Remove any devices that's related to USB (3) Remove any "Unknown devices" (4) Remove any device which are not present (5) Remove any devices that's related to your device (6) Restart machine (7) Install driver if necessary (download latest driver from website) (8) Restart machine as requested and then plug in your device
  • Can I use ScanDisk to scan the USB Flash Disk?
    Yes, you can. Attaché is viewed by your system as another drive.
  • Why is the available capacity smaller than the announced density?
    Because the file management system and system files will take some capacity, so the available capacity is smaller than the announced density.
  • What is the purpose of the indicator?
    While accessing data (reading) from the Attaché the indicator will glow red (no blinking). This signifies that the drive is in use. When writing to the Attaché, the indicator will blink, signifying the drive is in use. The drive should not be removed at any time when the indicator is lit or blinking. It should only be removed when the indicator is off.
  • Is there a Attache driver for Windows 95 or Windows NT ?
    Windows 95 and Windows NT Operating Systems do NOT have the necessary USB support files to operate USB mass storage devices such as the Attaché
  • Can I boot up my system with my device ?
    Your Attaché can be made a bootable drive however it is largely dependant on whether your system is designed to support booting from a USB device and the operating system you are running. We recommend reviewing your motherboard users' manual and contact Microsoft to determine if your system is capable of using your Attaché as a bootable drive.
  • Can the USB Flash Disk share in the local network?
  • Can I pull out the USB Flash Disk from the computer when the LED is on or blinking fast?
    No, you should not remove your Attaché while it is being written to or read from. Doing so may cause data to be lost or a blue screen to occur. However it should not harm the USB Drive.
  • Where to find drivers for my Attaché?
    You can download the drivers here.
  • Why do i have a message telling me my attaché is write protected when I try to copy files on it?
    Please check the position of the write protect switch on your Attaché.