About TechViz

Founded in 2004, TechViz is a Virtual Reality software editor based in Paris, France. TechViz provides instant 3D visualization and VR Collaboration solutions for 3D applications. This VR software is a breakthrough in technology: it displays instantly virtual prototypes directly from your desktop into a virtual environment for project design, planning or reviews.

TechViz has a vast global reputation in the fields of computer architecture, 3D rendering, cluster computing and virtual reality. Its mission is to enable its customers to improve their production cycles, save money and reduce time to market of their products by having a better understanding of their 3D data.

Synergy between TechViz & PNY

TechViz is a partner of PNY Technologies and uses the best of technology from PNY in the CAVE of its Parisian showroom: NVIDIA Quadro P5000, powerful graphic cards. PNY Technologies is a reseller of NVIDIA graphic cards. NVIDIA Quadro P5000 VR Ready technology, when used with TechViz XL, make a powerful combination, enabling to display any application in any immersive system in real time and without data conversion.

NVIDIA Quadro and TechViz XL work in perfect synergy, giving users the best of virtual reality experience.

TechViz VR software uses PNY PREVAILPRO P4000 Mobile Workstation powerful graphic card solutions to display all kinds of 3D models, especially large 3D models displayed in real time and on different VR systems (CAVE, Powerwall, and HMD).

TechViz Solutions

TechViz XL, TechViz virtual prototyping software, acts like a driver and allows users to go beyond the desktop workstation, to display instantly virtual prototypes, directly from any 3D application. Make changes in 1 :1 scale or greater, without data conversion.

A fully immersive experience using a full 3D integrated system. Easy, user-friendly and ideal for project review, product presentation, design assessment, maintenance process evaluation, ergonomics, visualization of complex data, VR trainings or even real time VR collaboration between co-workers. Advanced functionalities of TechViz XL: Techviz collaborative, Interactive Image Integration (I3), Virtual assembly, Fusion, Digital Review, TVZLib API, Human Body Tracking & Finger Tracking, Video Recording and much more to and on Twitter